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Published Works by Ruth Landes


1937 Ojibwa Sociology. Doctoral dissertation, Columbia University. New York: Columbia University Press. Reprinted in 1969 by AMS Press. 144p.
1938 The Ojibwa Woman. Introduction by Sally Cole. New York: Columbia University Press. Reprinted in 1971 by W.W. Norton, and in 1997 by University of Nebraska Press. 247p. Notes and research materials for this book are archived in the Ruth Landes Papers, National Anthropological Archives, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
1947 The City of Women. Introduction by Sally Cole. New York: Macmillan. Reprinted in 1994 by University of New Mexico Press. 248p. Notes and research materials for this book are archived in the Ruth Landes Papers, National Anthropological Archives, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
1965a  Culture in American Education: Anthropological Approaches to Minority and Dominant Groups in the Schools. New York: John Wiley & Sons. 330p.
1965b Latin Americans of the Southwest. New York: McGraw-Hill. 104p.
1967 A Cidade das Mulheres. Translated by Maria Lúcia do Eirado Silva. Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira. Revised edition published in 2002 by Editora Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro. 316p. In addition to the Portuguese translation of The City of Women (1947), this volume includes Eirado Silva’s translations of Landes’s articles “A cult matriarchate and male homosexuality” (“Matriarcado cultual e homossexualidade masculina”) (1940a), “Fetish worship in Brazil” (“O culto fetichista no Brasil”) (1940b), and “Negro slavery and female status”  (“Escraridão negra e status feminine”) (1953a).
1968a The Mystic Lake Sioux: Sociology of the Mdewakantonwan Santee. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 232p.
1968b    Ojibwa Religion and the Midewiwin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 250p.
1970 The Prairie Potawatomi: Tradition and Ritual in the Twentieth Century. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. 420p.

Articles and Essays

1937a  “The Ojibwa of Canada.” In Cooperation and Competition among Primitive Peoples. Margaret Mead, ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. pp. 87–127.
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1950 With Mark Zborowski. “Hypotheses concerning the Eastern European Jewish Family.” Psychiatry 13: 447–464.
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1967b “Negro Jews in Harlem.” Jewish Journal of Sociology 9 (2): 175–189.

1970 “A woman anthropologist in Brazil.” In Women in the Field. Peggy Golde, ed. Chicago: Aldine. pp. 119–142.
1973 “Comment.” Western Canadian Journal of Anthropology 3 (3): 44–46. Comment on articles by Margaret Mead and Victor Goldkind concerning field work as an ideology.
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Book Reviews

1935 Review of Shadow of the Plantation, by Charles S. Johnson. The Journal of American Folklore 48 (188): 202.
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1973b Review of The Mexican-American People: The Nation's Second Largest Minority, by Leo Grebler, Ralph C. Guzman, and Joan W. Moore. American Anthropologist 75 (4): 1004–1006.
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1984 Review of Ruth Benedict: Patterns of a Life, by Judith S. Modell. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 54 (2): 348–350.


Unpublished Works by Ruth Landes

The following manuscripts are archived in the Ruth Schlossberg Landes Papers at the National Anthropological Archives, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Bibliographic data cited below derives solely from Landes’s handwritten notes on manuscript drafts. All available titles, locations, and dates have been included.

Selected lectures and conference papers

1952 “Preliminary Statement on Fulbright-Sponsored Inquiry into Race Relationships in Britain.” Paper presented at the Royal Anthropological Institute, London, May 1952. 10pp.
1958 “Education and Identity.” Paper presented at “Workshops on Teaching and Guidance for Youth in a Free Society,” Claremont Graduate School and University, Claremont, California, June 26, 1958. 13pp.
1959 “Public Welfare Administration.” Presentation in San Mateo, California, May 23, 1959. 6pp.
1961 “Newcomers in Our Midst.” Paper presented at the California State Conference on Health, Welfare, and Recreation, Los Angeles, California, April 16–19, 1961. 6pp.
1963 “An Anthropologist Looks at Women’s Proper Roles.” Paper presented at California State University, Los Angeles, June 15, 1963. 12pp.
1964 “Changing Role of Women in the United States.” Paper presented at Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena, California, May 4, 1964.
1970 “Bilingualism, the Individual and Society.” Paper presented to Afrikaans officials in Cape Town, South Africa. 23pp.
1976 “Ojibwa Lecture on Maggie Wilson.” Paper presented in Thunder Bay, Ontario, July 23, 1976. 14pp.
1978 “The Public Life of Language: Government Regulation and Citizen Response.” Paper presented at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. 23pp.
1980 “Women in Anthropology.” Paper presented to the Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary, Alberta.
1993 “Remembering the Ojibwa After 50 Years.” Paper presented at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. 14p.

Dated papers

1939 “The Ethos of the Negro in the New World: A Research Memorandum". Unpublished research conducted for Gunnar Myrdal's study “The Negro in America”. 62p.
1946 “The Mind of the South.” 11p.
1966 “The Ojibwa and Their Observers.” 14p.
1971 “Nature of Age and Culture.” 17p.

Undated papers organized by subject

n.d. “Personality of the Later-Aging in Different Societies.”
n.d. “Afro-Brazilian cults and New World racism.”
n.d. “Cultural anthropology in teacher education: progress report.”
  Fisk University
n.d. Notes and drafts for a manuscript recounting her experiences as an instructor at Fisk University University in Nashville, Tennessee (1937–1938).
n.d. “Battlegrounds of Tennessee.”
n.d. “A Chronicle of Bloods.”
n.d. “Color Cancer.”

n.d. “Now, at Athens.”
  Race and Ethnicity in the United States of America and Great Britain
n.d. “British Color in Perspective.” Book-length manuscript on race relations in Great Britain.
n.d. “Changing Patterns of the Mexican-American Family.”
n.d. “Color in Britain: A Study of Emerging Biracialism.”
n.d. “Indians in Cities.”
n.d. “Mañana: A Cultural Study in American Liberties.” Book-length manuscript.
n.d. “Police, Minorities, and the Community.”
n.d. “Preliminary Hypothesis about the Mexican-American Family."
  Gender Roles and Family Studies
n.d. “Children and Youth.”
n.d. “Happy Homes and divorce.”
n.d. “Language Movements on Three Continents.”
n.d. “Tongues that Defy the State.” Book-length manuscript on state-sponsored bilingualism in Canada, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States of America.
  Life in the Southern United States
n.d. “Gentlemen of the Bayous.”
n.d. “Reform Over the Bayous.”
  The Ojibwa
n.d. “The Magician and the Girl.” Book-length manuscript.
n.d. “The Oedipus in Culture.”


Secondary Bibliography

2005 A Cidade das Mulheres, 35mm, 72min., Casa de Cinema da Bahia: Xfilmes. Lázaro Faria, dir. Documentary on Brazilian candomblé featuring passages from The City of Women (1947).            

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HANDLER, Richard
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HEALEY, Mark Alan
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